Download Project Instructions: Music: Phase One

Due at end of class today (10:50AM): Your research on your specific music choice (emphasis on specific… select an actual piece of music and tell us about it… do not give us a cut-and-paste wikipedia entry)
Due by the end of the day (11:59PM): Minimum of two sketches that visually describe your visual approach. This can be, but is not limited to: photo montages, drawings, scans, etc.
Due on Wed, January 27th (8:00AM): Five Layered, PhotoShop compositions (post flattened, jpeg versions on your blog)

An Example of the Musical Interpretations Project by Steve Hubbard

When you create your layers in PhotoShop, think about the Multiplane Camera

4 thoughts on “Musical Interpretations Project

  1. When I click on the link to the example video by Steve Hubbard it says that the video is not available 😦 Just wondering if I’m the only one having trouble or if the video is down…

  2. Wow, this video really helped open my mind, on different camera angles. I wonder if we can do the multiplane camera in the lab.

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