Due February 3rd: Creat a movie file with a minimum of two of your photoshop compositions and a portion of your sound file. There is no time limit (just a clip of the song–you do not have to use the entire song). This is just the first step on creating your movie–you will have a second week to revise and learn more about AfterEffects. The goal of phase two is an introduction to AfterEffects, successful importing of photoshop files, import of music, export of movie file, and up-loading of movie file to your blog.

You can host your movie at sites like YouTube or Vimeo

If you have experience with AfterEffect, try some new techniques (e.g., Syncing Visuals to Sound Files)

3 thoughts on “Due on Feb 3rd (Phase Two)

  1. O.K. folks: did the exact same process at home on both the PC and the MAC and it worked. Not sure what happened in class today… I must have had something toggle-on or off. User error! Just make sure to save in PhotoShop, then reload in AfterEffects and everything updates!

  2. I’m searching and searching with no success of finding an effect i want. I want to give my piece and older time look, with dots and lines like old movies have in them. Do you have any ideas if there is a way to do that in effects or some key words to use when searching?

  3. Definitely have to layer a couple effects to get the final look… start with:
    Effect> Noise and Grain> Add Grain Effect
    Effect> Noise and Grain> Dust and Scratches Effect
    To see the end-look, open Help and search: Effect Galleries

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