The Design for Media Final is an opportunity for you to experience the process of working on a multi-week media project. This immersion project will take you through the steps necessary to complete a large-scale project (e.g., an introduction to your Senior Thesis). It will help you to gain insight on what is and what is not possible within any given time frame.

Next week (Wednesday February 17th), we will formally introduce this project (discuss details and due dates). But today, you are required to post examples of professional work that inspires you. These examples must demonstrate a particular technique you want to investigate and/or a specific subject matter you want to explore. Write about why this work inspires you, who made it, why should we care, have you tried to emulate it (show an example)… in other words: write!

You are required to post by the end of class today. Look through your bookmarks—I’m sure you’ve already done the work.

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