04/07/2010: for those in critique, here is our logline: “A hair stylist and a legion of deaf bike messengers ally their forces.”

What’s due next week:
Judge Stage
Write three (3) questions that will help you receive feedback from multiple reviewers. Show your Design work to as many people as possible and ask them the three questions. Take notes. Then, analyze the feedback and look for anything that repeats. If it repeats, change it. Every other comment is subjective (meaning, you can either change it or not change it).
On your blog, post:
• the three questions
• note any repeating comments
• include synopses of non-repeating comments
• show what you changed (or are in the process of changing)
• and, most important, post your five week schedule for production (note what you will complete / achieve from week to week). Obviously, Week Five is when the final product is due (tell us exactly what we will see on Week Five)

We will meet together as a group in the Sandbox (room 309) at 8am

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