OK folks, we are going to mix-it-up: Next week, everyone is required to attend class. BUT, your “class” might be a bit different: you will report to the classroom assigned below. You might be in your usual room with a different teacher or you might be in a different room with your CCAD assigned teacher… The goal is for everyone to show their current project and to get feedback from a “fresh” set of eyes.

KH 308

KH 309

KH 300A

Zachary C.
Preston H.
Andrew L.
Jordan M.
Ingrid P.
Ricardo S.
Michelle W.
Julie D.
Kathleen E.
Jillian H.
Samantha K.
Palmer P.
Kourtney T.
Meghan B.
Elisabeth B.
Ryan E.
Arianni K.
Alec L.
Morgan S.
Alex T.
Victor D.
David K.
Heather L.
Zachary M.
Paul R.
Lauren T.
Hong A.
Alora D.
Danielle F.
Brad H.
Katherine M.
Jonathan P.
Mariah W.
Alan B.
Stuart C.
Rita F.
Corey L.
Ashley M.
Ivan S.
Jessica W.
Kayla H.
Aleksandra L.
Laura M.
Britney O.
Lindsay R.
Alyssa W.
Brett C.
Heather D.
Alexandria G.
Andrew H.
Logan M.
Anja R.
Kelsey Y.
Terry B.
Evan E.
Jesse J.
Brittney L.
Justin R.
Vincent T.

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