Welcome to Design for Media, Spring 2012!

Jane McGonigal on Productivity


What’s Due on Thursday Jan 19th at 8:00am:

  1. Read PaperWings: Are You a Dreamer or a Doer?
  2. Create an Art-Blog (at the very minimum, create a custom header image)
  3. Post the blog address to your profile on GoStudio (under: Blog)
  4. Post your first blog entry to your blog—answer two questions: where are you on the Dreamer/Doer spectrum (why) and what area(s) of Media Arts are you going to test-drive (have you ever produced an animation/cinematic/photography masterpiece? What are your goals for this course? What will be your accomplishment?)? Include at least one image of your own art (what are you proud of?).


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