Who is Bob Abel? The original CG team…

Project Details (PDF)

Everything is a Remix

Axis of Awesome: 4 Chords

Doodle Scheduler

How to Steal Like an Artist

Please check your CCAD Go Mail for the sign-up sheet!

We have a dangling-chad issue… the group proposals were posted on multiple blogs… everything has to be hand counted!

Congrats to The Winning Proposals!

#1 CB: Rachel C. Photo Graphic
#2 CB: Monica C. Red Riding Hood
#3 KK: Allision Project Tattoos
#4 KK: Danin King Henry Wives
#5 CB: Alexa F. Digital Directory
#6 MM: Cooper SGBATPPP
#7 MM: Shawn P. Fighting Film
#8 MM: Henry S. Invisible Man
#9 KK: Scott C. Gas
#10 MM: Shuang Lin Plastic Photo
#11 KK: Jessica Landscape

One thought on “Project Ron Saks

  1. Cool. You all now have a bigger stake in each others success and an additional platform on which you can impress with your awesome creativity and work ethic. I’m looking forward to follow the progress of the teams on this project. – Ron

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