Image by Barbara Benas (website and animation)

On Tuesday Feb 28, all groups will meet in Kinney Hall (you can pick from these rooms: 309, 306, 304, 308, and 300B). You have three tasks:

1. Establish the Director of the Project. Remember, unless the group conducts a vote, the author of the proposal is the director–his/her word is law.

2. Establish a Method of Communication and Check-in. This can be an email list, a Google Hangout, Dropbox Account, etc. How will files be shared and distributed? When and where does the group meet (outside of this one required on-campus meeting)?

3. Distribute Tasks. Who is going to be responsible for what?

Remember that every team member is required to post their weekly contribution to their blogs (due every Thursday at 8am). Every director is required to assemble the current project and visually report on progress (show us results–this could be “making of” photographs, screen captures or actual clips/stills etc.). On Thursday March 15th, the director will present the final product (team members will still post their contributions on their own blogs).

Some fuel for thought:

Brainstorming Doesn’t Really Work

For true nerds, here is an article by Andy Hargadon and Bob Sutton about “Brain Storming”

Oldie but goldie: Deep Dive with IDEO

The Power of a Group

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