Design for Media Proudly Presents:
Project Screenings!

The Lost Files
The Ugly Dinosaur
Project Yoakam

Thursday November 8th @ 9:30 am
Gateway Fim Center: House 5
Parking $1 (please remember to bring your parking card to the concession stand for validation)
Yes! The Concession Stand will be open!
Note to Directors: please arrive at 9:00am for a sound/visual check (all files must be run locally–no internet). If you want to pre-load your work onto the presentation computer, please email Charlotte.

Download the D4M Desktop! (click on the link or the image below)

One thought on “Project Screenings at the Gateway Film Center

  1. I thought the screening was a lot of fun! I think the students are benefitting greatly from working in an environment where they have to schedule, review, and compromise with each other on time, tasks, and the best direction for the group to succeed and not just the individual.

    Keep up the inspiring work Professors! Great Job Students!

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