Next week, you will be required to explore color palettes (in relation to your project, Project Hiroshi, week 2). This lecture will explain several methods for palette generation.

You are required to attend the one-hour lecture/demo on Thursday January 23rd in KH309. You only have to attend one of these three times: 8:00am, 9:00am, or 10:00am. Yes, we will take attendance (with a sign-in sheet–it is your responsibility to sign-in).
Yes: you only have to attend one of the three times (if you attend all three times, you will hear/see the same lecture three times). Check back with this post after the lecture–links to resources and movies will be included in the comments…

Web Links and Resources:

Edward Adelson

Munsell Wheels

Color Scheme Designer *(this link was not working as of the end of class…?)


Color Rotate

Brendan Dawes, “Creating a Fingerprint of an Entire Movie” Cinema Redux: http://brendandawes.com/projects/cinemaredux/

get on a MAC and use processing.org

For Fun: The Color Matching Game: http://color.method.ac/

Color is Value: http://sevencamels.blogspot.com/2010/09/color-is-value.html

6 thoughts on “Color Lecture and Demo: Thursday January 23rd in KH309

  1. I can’t really link directly to it but here’s the instructions on how to get a pretty awesome palette tool for Chrome:
    1. Go to the “Chrome Store”
    2. Search for “palette”
    3. “Palette for Chrome” should be the first search results
    4. Download and follow the directions on how to use
    5. Profit!

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