For the current project, or future projects, you may want to explore motion. Today’s talk addressed various ways to use motion in your work. You could create pieces that exist somewhere between a still image and a full animation or video. The techniques can be used to create longer pieces if you wish. Today’s demo covered the creation of animated gifs from photos, illustrations or drawings, the creation of straight ahead animations in flash or photoshop, as well as information on tools and software for stop motion. In addition I presented the work of a variety of artists.

You are required to attend the one-hour lecture/demo on Thursday January 31st in KH309. You only have to attend one of these three times: 8:00am, 9:00am, or 10:00am. Yes, we will take attendance (with a sign-in sheet–it is your responsibility to sign-in).

You only have to attend one of the three times (if you attend all three times, you will hear/see the same lecture three times). Check back with this post after the lecture–links to resources and movies will be included in the comments…

Web Links and Resources:

Snowfall- New York Times Article


Lilli Carre- Moving Drawings

Zac Gorman- nogmageddon and comic

DragonFrame Stop Motion

Studio Neat- iPhone App for Stop Motion and Glif iphone tripod mount

Swivel converts flash swf to video

We’re all in this together- Photoshop Animation

Making of Dragon- Jamie Caliri

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