Pipeline Project! We will introduce the next project for Design for Media on Thursday, February 14th!

You are required to attend the lecture / project kickoff on Thursday, February 14th, at 8am in KH309.
Yes, we will take attendance.

D4M Project Pipeline Project Details – Spring 2013.

Org Chart Example 1 (made with LucidChart)

Org Chart Example 2 (made with LucidChart)

Lucid Chart

Improv Everywhere Carousel Race

PBS OffBook Painting with Light

Nosy Bear by Fran Krause

Random Logline Generator

Once Second a Day – The Brothers McLeod

Kickstarter Campaigns

Our OWL image!

Fall 2012 D4M Pipeline Projects

Project Yoakam “Murphy, CCAD, and You”
Project Yoakam – Blog

Murphy, CCAD, and You from Kevin Harkness on Vimeo.

Project Yoakam Documentary

PROJECT YOAKAM from Gwen Capistran on Vimeo.

The Ugly Dinosaur – Blog

The Ugly Dinosaur Making-of Documentary

The Lost Files – Blog

The Lost Files on YouTube

The Lost Files Making-of Documentary


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