Yep! That’s right–the next (and last) project in Design for Media is your choice.

On Tuesday April 9th at 8:00am, you will present your idea (or ideas) to your class team in your assigned classroom. Both your presentation and your Tuesday, April 9th blog post must include the following information.

  1. Describe the Deliverable **What will be the final product or products that you will have on May 9th? **Tell us exactly what you will be creating!
  2. Visual Documentation: Example Images Show/post images that are examples of the type of project you are presenting. **Either make your own, or, if you opt to use the work of another, Please Credit the Artist!
  3. Target Dates & Schedule Set due dates for yourself. This can be a Gantt Chart, a couple key dates, etc.


  1. Can we form groups? Yes, you can form a group with anyone in either section of Design for Media. If you form a group, you need to generate an organizational flow chart (or, assign who will be responsible for what).
  2. Can I do multiple projects? Yes, just make a separate proposal per project.
  3. How will this be graded? Each week you will be evaluated on your “forward momentum.” Are you meeting your Target Dates? Are you posting process images to your blog? Don’t tell us how “awesome the project is going,” Show Us!

How to class meetings/attendance work?

  1. Tuesdays: Show up to your assigned classroom at 8am with a post to your blog visually documenting your forward momentum on your project.
  2. Thursdays: Workshops – We will post information on the D4M blog on each workshop. Attendance is required. If you have suggestions on workshops, an activity that can be contained in one class-period, please add them to the comments section!

The Cult of the Done

Free Yourself from Perfect, Chris Oatley

Stop Procrastinating by “Clearing to Neutral”

Examples of Student Choice Projects, Fall 2012

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