Time to make the jump from blog to professional website!

Please read the whole postand give yourself time to prepare for Tuesday morning:

WordPress students will refine, while Blogger students will set up a wordpress.com account first, and jump inot building a flexible structure. Regardless of your chosen medium or major, you will benefit from taking time to craft an organized and thoughtful website to showcase your talents.

Bring your laptops to the Canzani auditorium (instead of Kinney) and prepare to take a journey into frameworks.

Be there by 8:30a.

To prepare for our time together, use about 30 minutes to do some google/bing searches for keywords related to your portfolio work. Before Tuesday morning, to allow some thoughts to percolate.

Your Artist Statement and elevator pitch are excellent places to start crafting your web copy and explore some graphic directions. Take some time over the next couple of weekends to write (bio, artist statement, etc), and gather a curated folder of your works (anywhere between 12-24 to start).

That folder of saved works may be a series of:

  • drawings / illustrations/vectored comics
  • logos/brochures/print design projects
  • photography; portraits, landscape, etc.
  • movies (saved to vimeo.com and/or youtube.com)
  • pictures ad 360 gif animations of sculptural works
  • writings about conceptual and storytelling works

No worries if you don’t have some of these elements. You can still gain insight, ask questions and generally get yourself on track to enhance your online persona. See you Tuesday!

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