Now that we’ve had some conversation about this assignment, please take some time before today to translate your understanding of the parameters for your Chosen Creative Habit. State specifically what you are choosing to do, and then tell us how you will go about it each day/week.

o-TWYLA-THARP-570For the people doing observational drawing or photos, be sure to stick to one type of subject matter.

For the people focusing their time to learn an application or technique, limit yourself to one subject or theme that you use in the learning process. If it’s an environment, and you need a bit more variation, make it 5 different views of ONE scene, not 5 completely different scenes.

If your chosen habit is structured another way, please clarify in your blog and be open to discussing it further.

As you post to your blog, be specific in what you share, and follow a weekly format for sharing.

Here are some helpful angles to consider:

  • What is the Daily part of this process for you? Each day should have repetition of task, such as drawing or writing,
    Post a record of this practice to your blog every day, after you’ve done your 20-60 minute daily practice. This repetition is where your habit forming develops. If daily is too much, then 2-3 times a week should suffice, provided you share details and insight, instead of general info.
    Those of you learning a specific technical skill will need to share their strategy on how they will tackle this learning in a daily way. Go ahead and share questions you have in your blog, or email an instructor if you would like a more focused conversation.
  • On Each Thursday, before 8a, share your observations and discoveries as you grow into your process. This post can share this day’s progress, and it should include your perspective and reaction to what’s happening in your head as  you are doing the work.It may include discussion on the logistics of creating, and discoveries while using the tools you are learning. It may discuss how you feel this repetitive focus is helping you grow into your chosen major. We do not need a static laundry list of what you did that week, as we can scroll down to view that progress.

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