In sitting down to do our grading, we already see some potential problems. Since we will not be meeting directly with all of you for the next few weeks, We are taking a moment to share with you some things we will need to see in order to get good grades in this class.
1. POST! Often. Discuss your work, your process and your perspectives on what your team is developing. Given that short list of recommended items, there should be no lack of posts. The more you post, the more insight we get. That means you keep us engaged and informed, which leads to more points.
2. No Post = No points. But don’t be lame. one or two sentences will bring you less than 30 points for the effort.
3. SPELL CHEK CHECK EVERYTHING! It looks like laziness if you don’t check your grammar and spelling. WordPress offers great tools for this. Take time to use them so you don’t look like you don’t know what you are talking about.
4. Stay engaged with your group. Check in with them often and take care of each other. If you do not feel like you have enough to do, talk to your group leaders and show you care about your place in the project.
Thanks for your time and focus. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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