D4M Project Creative Habit FALL 2014

What is your creative habit?

Something you do every day for at least 30 minutes-1 hour. It can be poems with doodles, sketches of animals, video vignettes, miniature sculptures, photo collages…..see below for more ideas!

Every Tuesday by 8 am, you will post about your creative habit on your blog. Tuesdays will be our new critique days in classrooms instead of Thursdays. Your blog post should include SEVERAL examples of your creative habit, documentation of research you are conducting, things that inspire you, at least 2 paragraphs + of text, etc. In other words, your blog post should show what you have been working on for the previous week. Feel free to break it up over 2 blog posts if that suits you better.

Thursdays are TBA, and will be a mix of lectures and work days. Check this blog post for updates. It will be a work day for your creative habit, a chance to conduct research related to your creative habit, a time to add another blog post.

Your mantra for the rest of this semester: Repeatable and Completable

Project Parameters per Major (these are guidelines and not requirements):

  • Animation, Illustration, Fine Art, Ad/GraphDRAW DRAW DRAW
    Select your strict parameters –What are you drawing, where, how, when »1 full large sketch pad sheets (17” x 24”) or 3 regular sketchbook pages ( 8 ½” x 11”) FULL of drawn content per session.
  • Photo and Cinematic ArtsCapture Capture Capture
    Select your strict parameters –What are you capturing, where, how, when »Videos must be vignettes (no longer than 30 seconds) »Photos no less than 10 photos per session. Your chosen avenue of work must be done on the daily, and should take an hour maximum and half hour minimum.
  • NO EDITING:  This is an exercise to addict you to regular art making. *Do not revisit your previous session’s work –View each session as a stepping stone, complete, and MOVE ON!

Now that we’ve had some conversation about this assignment, please take some time to translate your understanding of the parameters for your Chosen Creative Habit. State specifically what you are choosing to do, and then tell us how you will go about it each day/week.

Be sure to stick to one type of subject matter.

What is the Daily part of this process for you? Each day should have repetitive task, such as drawing, recording (photo/short video), collaging or writing. Post a record of this practice to your blog ever week (if not twice a week), after you’ve done your 60 minute daily practice. NO EDITING.

The repetitive task is where your habit forming develops. In your posts, share details and insight about the work you are doing, instead of general info.

“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.”

~Anthony Trollope

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