First, check out the website for our speaker, Keida Mascaro. He’ll be talking about his experience working on “pipeline projects.”


Project Two (PIPELINE PROJECT) Summary and Schedule:

D4M Project Pipeline Spring 2015 Syllabus

Your blog proposal (Due 3:30 pm February 17th) must include:

1. A description of the project, including the steps needed to create the project. Include examples of work that help explain your idea including photos and sketches.

2. A sample organizational chart for your proposed project (i.e. an outline of roles to fill-see resource below)

3. The timeline: A basic Gantt chart (see resource below-you can use something besides excel; you could even hand draw it!)

Project Resources

Sample Works:


An example of a previous pipeline project:

Project Yoakam “Murphy, CCAD, and You”

Project Yoakam – Blog

Murphy, CCAD, and You from Kevin Harkness on Vimeo.

Project Yoakam Documentary

PROJECT YOAKAM from Gwen Capistran on Vimeo.

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